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Trial class for IELTS
Why take this course?
Many students have a hard time answering questions in IELTS. They don't have the confidence in answering so they tend to not to have classes because of lack of motivation and knowledge how to get better. Its not easy to find tutors who have good programs for IELTS preparation. Another concern is the quality of materials. Many materials or books make the students confused in what IELTS speaking is all about. We'll make IELTS as simple as possible.
What will you be able to do?
You will be able to know how to answer questions properly in proper tenses required. You will be able to communicate well and clearer after the IELTS program tailored for your need.
Who is this course suitable for?
This is suitable for high school students who want to enter college and people who want to work abroad. This is also suitable for people who want to learn how to communicate in proper English in accordance to culture and the way real native speakers speak.